How to control anger? How affects personal relationships

Do you suffer because of anger?... Anger can be eliminated through self-control

Anger is one of the worst emotions. If you have a tendency to be angry at anything, you know that you need to change it. A moment of anger can even lead to murder. You need to learn to control your anger and your actions. Most crimes in the world, especially murders, are caused by uncontrollable anger. No one should be causal for the loss of lives due to anger.

There are many reasons for excessive anger. Lack of self-confidence, feelings of inferiority, anxiety, frustration, depression, and depression are just some of them. This is why many trivial issues become more complicated. Because the circumstances in which anger occurs are different, the way you deal with them must be different.

Some people are advised to go to a room when they are angry and get angry or shout loudly in a place where no one can hear them. Studies show that even though your stress will subside and your anger will subside during that time, it will only make you worse later. In some Japanese factories, the statue of the boss is kept in a separate room. If angry, workers can go to the room and vent their anger on the statue. But here the opposite is reflected. This is because excessive anger cannot be completely eliminated by such a method. A 1990 study by psychologist Brad Bushman proved this. The fact that a person's violent behavior is exposed in any way means that it has a tendency to recur in the brain.

Conversations when angry

What says without mental control when you are angry will only make the problem worse later. When you are angry, you are talking angrily to your loved ones at that time without giving any importance to the love that is truly in your heart. This can cause a rift in relationships. This can later lead to conflicts between spouses, family, and friends. So be careful not to talk too much when you feel angry.

Learning to control the tongue is the key to maintaining loving relationships in life. When, to whom, and why do you feel angry? How do you react when you get angry? Does it affect mental and physical health? What is the reaction of others? Are your relationships falling apart due to excessive anger? Trying to find answers to such questions will often help you to evaluate yourself and change your behavior accordingly.

Blood pressure when angry

The mental training can help prevent high blood pressure during angry and, above all, depression of the mind and body and lower blood pressure. It is a habit that must be consciously nurtured to understand things and respond only to circumstances. 

Avoid throwing any materials away when angry, wandering around the room, lying alone in a room, or looking angrily at someone when asked something. For those with a comfortable and humble mind, it is very easy to subdue the mind quickly by engaging in things that are pleasing to the mind.

How to control anger yourself?

  • Most problems are easier to solve when you can respond calmly and not succumb to provocation. Never make decisions or think of solutions when you are angry. After calming the mind, analyze what happened and why and solve the problem.
  • When angry, count the numbers in descending order, close your eyes, take a deep breath in and slowly exhale. Focus only on the breath. Remember the good moments you enjoyed together with the opposite person.
  • When angry, move to another place and engage in other meaningful activities or activities. Engage in things that make the mind happy. But this is not easy and will require clear training.
  • Another is to remain silent when angry. Anger can be considered a weakness of yours and you can remain silent.
  • Another good way to control anger is to practice yoga and meditation. Both of these are great ways to help control the mind.

If you have tried all possible methods but are unable to control your anger, seek the help of a psychologist. Get counseling. People who use alcohol, cannabis, or other drugs must first seek treatment to get rid of it.


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