How can we avoid or change laziness by activity?

Laziness is the fuel for more laziness. But activity is the fuel for more activity. You can't change laziness without starting to activity...

Efficiency can only be achieved when things are done at the time. Laziness refers to the habit of not doing or procrastination  things when they should be done. Too Lazy to bath, too lazy to go out, too lazy to sit with children on holidays, lazy to cook, lazy to clean the house, lazy to washcloths, even lazy to eat. Laziness is something that can destroy us completely. We just wast at that time when we could do so many good things. We need to be able to spend time positively. That is where we become a wise man.

One thing is for sure for the losers; If he had worked harder he would have gotten better results. But this thought comes only when a failure occurs. The biggest symptom of laziness is not realizing that you have a lot to do or that you still need to learn. Try to get one of these things done today, so that you can do it the next day very easily without procrastination. When small attempts succeed, there is an incentive to try more. Start today so you don't have to worry about lost days. Such shortcomings may seem trivial, but they are more likely to cause deep rifts in personal relationships.

Achieve small goals before reaching big ones. In the meantime, rest is needed. Rest is a pleasure to relieve fatigue after doing any work. But the thought of always resting without taking any work becomes lazy. Rest should be used to store energy for later activities. Laziness is often caused by a passion for temporary pleasures. Those who pursue temporary pleasures will end up in ultimate misery.

Having these kinds of habits can lead to laziness

There may also be fear behind the laziness. There may be a lack of interest due to such fear. The thought of failure prevents us from starting anything. The problem is the lack of inner strength to grasp the reality of defeat. Those who fear defeat will gradually become inactive. Live contentedly with what you have. Failure is the stepping to success.

The procrastination is another a cause of laziness. Those with Adult ADHD will get off to a great start in everything. But nothing will be completed. The policy of such people is that everything can be done later. They planning the things that need to be done or started an be done tomorrow, but will not work. Start with speed and confidence. But with a little setback, all of these people's confidence will be drained.

 Those who have tried and failed many time in their life become lazy and think to themselves that they will not succeed. Soon the mind mixed with laziness and fear will become negative. Such people blame themselves and get into the habits of sitting lazily without trying anything. It destroyed the confidence to succeed and creates laziness.

Overeating is another cause of laziness. Eating out of control can lead to weight gain and obesity. Excess weight slows down the body's ability to work and causes lethargy, eat too many bakery products, and drink too many soft drinks are more prone to laziness.

Here are some tips, you can do to avoid laziness

  • Make a list of things to do. Get the little things done first. You can easily solve them. Divide and complete the big hard tasks. When you try for many things at one time, you only aggravate the problem of depression. And that feeling will paralyze you.
  • Choose the easy ones first instead of the difficult ones. Codify the tasks as the most important. Prioritize and complete accordingly.
  • Laziness Eradication Therapies can help to reduce laziness. Confidence Therapy helps to gain confidence and Cognitive Behavior Therapy is better to calm the mind and change fear.
  • Assertiveness coaching is great for strengthening our sense of self.
  • Come to your sense with a clear plan and awaken yourself.
  • Use your time well and work hard.
  • Eat fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. Stop eating fast food and overeating. They are all adulterated and will slow down your body and brain.
  • Sleep well at night. If you do not get enough sleep, you will feel tired throughout the day. When that happens, you will have laziness. When the body does not get enough energy, it loses the urge to do something. Similarly, fluctuations in the body's hormone insulin can lead to lethargy and laziness.
  • Regular exercise and yoga will keep the body refreshed. Maintain such good habits will help you to avoid laziness.  

 Japanese Kaizen Technique to avoid laziness

Laziness is something that discourages us from doing something due to a lack of vitality when we want to do it. The Kaizen Technique is a technique invented by the Japanese to avoid this kind of laziness. 

 The word Kizen is a combination of the two words 'Kay' and 'Zen'. The Kay means change and the Zen means wisdom. The Kaizen Technique is a one-minute rule through training. Whatever you are reluctant to start doing, just do it for one minute and then get involved in something else that interests you. Do this thing again in one minute or the next day. Gradually increase it to two minutes and five minutes. This is to avoid getting bored with an activity that you were not interested in at first. Often, lack of interest or self-confidence prevents the mind from doing many things. Kaizen Technique played a major role in the revival of Japan after World War-II. According to Kaizen Technique, it is divided into four parts. Let's see what they are;

  1. Planning:  Kaizen Technique says that the first step is to have a clear and simple plan of action to get started. Plan things like when and how.

  2. Action: The second step of the Kaizen Technique, is to start with the things you plan to do.

  3. Checking: The third step is to check if there are any defects in the work done. If there are any problems with the previously planned operation, the third step is to fox it and move on.

  4. Appreciation: The fourth step of the Kaizen Technique is to appreciate all the works done as planned. Kaizen Technique claims that by appreciating oneself in this way, one can gain more confidence and gradually overcome laziness.


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